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New school 2020

Steel tattoo

New school Tattoo 2020 = Old + New

From France I bring you this article with the most recent and School of the future that becomes a trend in Europe.

In these times that tattoo art becomes increasingly creative and new styles are born from anywhere in the world. Today I present this style of tattoos created in Paris.

This style is done with the combination of two styles of styles of tattoo. On the one hand we have the realism in Black and on the other the style of the New school 2020 or old school.
New school of the future.

Trending Tattoos

Here the most current images of the New school 2020 of the future style to capture the idea of style and create your own. Combining the real with the animated, the old with the new or the black and white with the colors they want. Good luck on this trip and remember that creativity in this style predominates above all.

Mixed styles tattoos

Using science fiction characters, a moment in scenes that marked us before and after in our lives, which we want to save and record forever in our body.

Some cartoon character that we love when we were just children or a pet that we had as a child fused in a tattoo.

The School of the future is that. A bit of the past, bringing something from our childhood by working with something from the present and combining two styles of tattoos, the old school on the one hand and the new school with a bit of Realism style.

Tattoos for 2020

And so the new tattoo styles are born. creativity, ingenuity, information, open mind, dedication, persistence. This style was done by combining two styles of the oldest. The old school: one of the oldest styles that sailors introduced in the United States that they created themselves, with that particular style formed by well-marked contours and firm and little degraded colors. And the new school that was its evolution created by a more urban generation similar to the style of street graffiti artists in New York, created especially for urban, city people.

New school 2020 of the future New School