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Tattoo styles


If you are looking for tattoo ideas, new styles, meaning, knowing a little about their history and origin, how to care for and protect them, or whatever you are looking for about tattoos. I want to tell you that you came to the indicated website. is the site that will help you to clear up all your doubts and will give you a hand when making a decision. In this 2019 very good ones were created.

Trending Tattoos for 2020 Tattoo styles

To more of the most outstanding Tattoo Styles you will find important content about tattoos.

On this website you will find‼ In the Menu the categories of the different Tattoo Styles will be displayed and there is a tab dedicated to Tattoo Care, you will find information on how to make a good Tattoo. How to cure it, protect it from bacteria, how to protect its colors and make them last longer with their maximum splendor.

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Tattoo styles let’s start

Style Trash Polka Tattoo

New styles for 2020

Finger styles Tattoos

A summary of this style of tattoos that is becoming fashionable and that not many people know its risks. In this page I am not going to explain everything you should know and do before making a tattoo on your fingers. Here I only present you my website showing you the tattoo styles that are in fashion in the world and some important things about tattoos. Also here I show you some images of tattoos on the fingers. But I recommend that you do ► click here ◄ to see more ♥

New School Korea

Two of the latest styles that were born out of nowhere and here I present them to you.

On the one hand we have the most recent creation of a style that was made in Korea. I call it new korean school. For its similarity to the old school and New School styles of the United States. The colors and shapes are one of the tattoos that most resemble drawings with artistic style. They are tattoos that are usually made in small sizes like Old School tattoos but with more colors like New School tattoos. Here I leave some images of tattoos of this style.

Tattoos From Korea To France

New School 2020 Style

We are now in France. A new style of tattoos emerged in Paris. I call it the New school of the future. I see a lot of future for this style. It is a style created by mixing two types of tattoos. On the one hand we have Realism in Black and the traditional New School or Neo in color.

Using two images in different styles and merging the two into a single tattoo this new style is created and that from my point of view it will become a trend for this 2020.

I commented on another article… It seems to me that Trash Polka tattoos that styles are created like this. combining other styles, creativity and imagination and suddenly you are the creator of a new style of tattoos that may become a trend soon. Many ideas occur to me when seeing this style of tattoos. Mixing one thing with another. one style with another. Be creative and create that the World wants to see you and is not waiting for you.

Here I leave you a tattoo images so you can see what a work of art these tattoos are.

Ornamental Tattoos

Tattoo style for women

There really isn’t a single style or type of tattoo exclusive for women. But let’s recognize that there are some Styles like Ornamental Tattoos that are very elegant and beautiful for women.

¸¸.•*´¯`Y´¯`*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*´¯`Y´¯*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*´¯Y´¯`*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*´¯`Y´¯`*•.¸¸

Tattoo Style for Men

Ornamental tattoo styles for men. It is a very little seen styles in men. But it is also a nice design when choosing a style for you.

☠ ******** ☠ ******** ☠

Old School Tattoo Style

This is one of the oldest colored tattoos, created by sailors and brought to the United States by themselves. With images related to the Sea, women and more …

This style looks great on Men or women with varied designs depending on whether you are a man or a woman and what each tattoo represents to you.

Tatuajes New School

New School Tattoo Style

From the First tattoos in color and with drawings of people, animals or things in general that we saw in Old school tattoos or named as Old School Tattoos we travel to the Present 2019 and I present to you New School tattoos or also called New School tattoos . In some countries they name it as Traditional Neo Tattoos.

This style of tattoos took a lot of power on the streets for its visual expression. Widely used by urban men and women. Street People, who like a fun, shared life. The drawings are more abstract, with vibrant colors and expressions that draw the attention of the public. Similar to Salvador Dali’s paintings for its original shape or the striking of a graffiti on the streets.

Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor Tattoo Style

There is not much to say about watercolor tattoos for men. For Men there are not many designs and there is not much to do (unless you like flower tattoos). The watercolor style in men can be used to decorate some other style and give it a personal style or only to decorate a tattoo that we already have or a new one. There are good ideas out there to use watercolor in tattoos for men. But personally it is not to my liking. I prefer to lean into a Trash Polka style to give my tattoo a twist to make it look different and better.

Watercolor Style for Women

Well ♥♥♥ Now if we are talking about a style that women look great on, and now more than ever. This style was highly demanded in this 2019 and with the flower tattoo trend it exploded much more. This is a quite delicate style and that women look very cute and can see it for themselves. This is made for them. So delicate …… And since watercolor tattoos are made with a special ink, to work and make it look amazing, you need to have fine, elastic and well-groomed skin to do a good job and wear a tattoo of this style with the greatest magnitude. The woman’s skin is suitable for watercolor tattoos.

Trash Polka

Trash Polka Tattoo Style

Here they have one of the main styles required in this 2019. Having already a few years in some countries in Europe. Little by little it is arriving and it is becoming a trend throughout America. Black and Red Tattoos = Trash Polka

This style is very far from what we are used to seeing, it is a new style that is very surprising for its somewhat abstract, messy art. The creators baptized it as Tattoo trash for this mess of figures. Drawings, Letters, Words, Stains, Brushstrokes, Geometric Figures, Flowers, etc, etc, etc ……………… Trash Polka is a variety of nonsensical techniques but with a single motive, expressing a ♥ Deep Feeling in a Tattoo ♥

Realism Tattoo

Realism tattoo style

The most amazing tattoos of the styles, with photographic designs, from tattoos of animals, faces, flowers, actors, athletes and what you imagine. This style of tattoos is the most difficult of all styles. Not any tattooed can achieve this style with excellent perfection, They can be done in the range of black or using colors but the degree of difficulty remains – Expert – If your interest is to get a tattoo of this style I recommend that you do not attend it first tattoo artist to appear to you. Find out if he is able to get this style of tattoos and if you can see his work even better.

Blackwork style

BlackWork Tattoo Style

Black Tattoos. One of the oldest styles that exist. from Maori, Polynesian, Tribal tattoos to BlackWork, all in pure black, covering large parts of our bodies. Also used to cover tattoos that have lost their splendor or to cover a tattoo that we no longer want to show. A style of tattoo that is growing a lot and that many new things were added that you will see throughout the images that are here below. Tattoos that require many sessions due to their large size in most tattoos, but today new styles are created with this technique and here you will see some options in small tattoos with this style that are very nice to wear with the Tattoo Style BlackWork.

We will continue with more styles of tattoos. You can also see them in the menu.